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Tunes Notes
Reel of Rio, The [G] / Gerald Thomas' Burnt Potato Reel [Bm] / Jackie Coleman's [D]
Reverend Brother's Jig, The [Ador] / Sean Ryan's [Ador] / Cliffs of Moher, The [Ador] Kevin Burke & Mícheál Ó Domhnaill
River Of Ponds / Annie Annie See CD - The Dardanelles, Eastern Light, Track 10. Also this video
Roaring Barmaid, The [G] / Connie the Soldier [D] / Saddle the Pony [Amix]
Rolling Waves, The [D] / Humours Of Trim, The [D] / Night at the Fair [G] A set played at the Feile Seamus Creagh in 2019.
Rolling Waves, The [D] / Market Town, The [A] / Scatter the Mud [Ador] Kevin Burke, CD: Portland
Rooskey, The [G] / Memories Of Ballymote [G] / Gurteen Cross [G]
Running the Goat #1 [Dmix] / Running the Goat #2 [C] / Running the Goat #3 [G] / Running the Goat #4 [Ador]
Run Through / Advance / Chain
Saddle Mountain Jig [D] / Sally's Jig [G]
Shaskeen, The [G] / Sligo Maid, The [Ador] / Red-Haired Lass, The [G]
Sheepskins And Beeswax / The Breakwater Boys Breakdown Allan Farrell
Small Hills Of Offaly, The [D] / Farewell to Old Decency [G] See James Kelly, Paddy O'Brien & Daithi Sproule - Traditional Music of Ireland - Track 7
Smiling Bride, The [D] / Handsome Young Maidens, The [A] CD: De Dannan, Ballroom
Sonny Murray's [D] / Cronin's [G]
Sonny Murray's [D] / Murphy's [G]
Strip the Willow [D] / Ron Felix's Jig [D] See LP - Music From French Newfoundland
Sweeney's Buttermilk [Bm] / Cameronian, The [D]
Tailor's Thimble, The [G] / Crossing The Shannon [D]
Teahan's Favourite [Em] / Eileen O Riordan's [Amix] / Kings Of Kerry [A]